Go and Love Yourself

This 90 minute workshop features instruction and group discussion about important elements of self-love, including how to improve self-talk, what to do when past mistakes haunt us, and how to find resolution from trials. Jaime uses humor, individual journaling time and direct teaching to facilitate growth and learning. 


"Jaime's workshops are an awesome opportunity for self-reflection and insight. She facilitates a warm and honest environment by openly drawing on her own personal experiences to illustrate tools and topics, and her candor, wisdom, and experience only add to her believability and authority as a life coach. You walk away from the workshop feeling closer to all the other participants, as well as feeling better about yourself. I would recommend Jaime's workshops to anyone looking to make important changes in their life, or anyone even just looking to feel uplifted!"--Kendra, Texas

"I didn't know what to expect when I attended Jaime's Simply Satisfied "Go and Love Yourself" seminar but I'm so glad I hosted! I loved how she gave me things to ponder and tips to changing my way of thinking. I love her take away points that came in practical nuggets that are easy to apply and make a difference. Jaime is dynamic, animated, and fun. We had a great time!"--Brooke, North Carolina